UBG fully prepares for FPCCI election: Zubair Tufail

UBG FPCCI Election

KARACHI: President of United Business Group (UBG) Zubair Tufail has said that United Business Group (UBG) has made full preparations for the upcoming FPCCI election to be held on December 30 and UBG is in contact with all voters.

UBG leadership has always represented the business community and in touch with the government to resolve the issues being faced by the business community, he said and added that in the future, Atif Ikram Sheikh UBG candidate for President of FPCCI will go to every door to relieve the business community from the problems.

Tufail expressed these views in Karachi while chairing a meeting of the UBG (Sindh) Core Committee. UBG Sindh Zone Chairman Khalid Tawab, Secretary General (Sindh Region) Hanif Gohar and others also addressed while Syed Mazhar Ali Nasir, Gulzar Feroze, Ahmed Chennai, Malik Khuda Bakhsh, Abdul Sami Khan, Mian Arshad Farooq, Ghazanfar Ali Khan, Shaheen Ilyas Sarwana, Malik Sohail Hussain, Sheikh Umar Raihan, Saeeda Bano, Haji Jamaluddin Achakzai, Shahzadombin, Ishtiaq Baig, Muslim Mohammadi, Noor Ahmad Khan, Farhanur Rehman, Farzana Bernie and other members were also present.

Khalid Tawab in his address said that despite all the illegal actions and activities by the ruling group of FPCCI, UBG will not give the businessmen panel an escape way. Unfortunately, the leaders of the businessmen panel have badly damaged the reputation of FPCCI.

He said that Atif Ikram Sheikh is a strong presidential candidate for FPCCI and he will restore the image of FPCCI.

Hanif Gohar said that the current leadership of the Federation Chamber of Commerce is violating the trade organization laws, by establishing a controversial election commission, they started conspiracies to get the desired results.

But, with the support of the business community, we will win the next election, he added.

The members of the core committee also gave some suggestions to the UBG leadership in the meeting, While President Zubair Tufail and Khalid Tawab took other important responsibilities including contacting the voters.

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