Putin expresses disappointment over softball questions from Tucker Carlson

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed surprise and disappointment regarding his recent interview with US television host Tucker Carlson. Putin criticized the lack of sharp questions that would have enabled him to respond more pointedly.

During a candid conversation with Russian TV interviewer Pavel Zarubin, Putin revealed his expectation of a more aggressive approach from Carlson.

“In all honesty, I thought he would behave aggressively and pose what are commonly referred to as sharp questions. I wasn’t just prepared for it, I wanted it because it would have given me the chance to respond in kind,” Putin remarked in comments aired on Wednesday.

During his initial interview with an American journalist since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine nearly two years ago, Putin took the opportunity to provide a history lesson to Carlson.

Expressing surprise at the minimal interruptions from Carlson, Putin confessed, “To be frank, I didn’t feel fully satisfied with this interview.”

The Kremlin clarified that Putin agreed to the interview with Carlson because of the host’s approach, which they perceived as differing from the “one-sided” reporting on the Ukraine conflict by many Western news outlets.

Meanwhile, experts in body language analyzed Putin’s demeanor during the interview. Professor Erik Bucy, a body language expert, noted signs of discomfort in Putin’s posture, citing twitching feet, fidgety hands, and a slumped appearance. Bucy suggested that Putin seemed “emaciated” and “not entirely comfortable in his own skin.”

While another expert suggested that Putin appeared “dominant” throughout, Bucy emphasized Putin’s discomfort in contrast to the relaxed demeanor of the American TV pundit.

“Putin doesn’t sit as comfortably as Carlson, nor does he exhibit as much bodily control,” Bucy explained, pointing out Putin’s foot circling as a possible indication of nervousness or physical discomfort.

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