Renewable energy integration benefits Karachi citizens

Karachi, April 06, 2024 : In next two years, 640 MW will be added to the system from solar and wind energy, Moonis Alvi. K Electric has given good news to the citizens of Karachi who are suffering from expensive electricity. 640 MW will be added from wind energy. Solar and wind power will significantly reduce the production cost of electricity.

CEO KE Mr. Syed Moonis Abdullah Alvi told the delegation of Council of Energy and Economic Journalists (CEEJ) that the 640 MW plant so far. 12 companies from Europe, China and Middle East have also submitted their bids for investment in solar and wind power projects.

Alvi said that alternative energy projects in Hub, Othal, Bela, and Sarjani Town of Karachi. will be installed, while in the solar and wind power project, an investment of 450 million dollars was made. There has been an increase, 80% of the area of Karachi which was exempted from load shedding has now reduced to 72% due to line losses. A timeline of 60 days has been fixed for the settlement of the dues, it is hoped that the problem will be resolved soon.

Alvi also said that the installation of smart meters has started in Karachi, initially ten thousand users. But the Smart Meters pilot project has been started, after the results, the Smart Meters project will be further advanced.

CEO KE said that the cost of a Smart Meter is currently forty to forty five thousand rupees, in case of more order of Smart Meters, it will be increased. The price may decrease, smart meters have been installed on all PMTs in the city, the installation of smart meters on PMTs, how much electricity is used in an hour in the area, comes into the data system, about 29 thousand PMTs. Data is being taken every fifteen minutes.

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