Indian youth tragically loses life in Instagram reel mishap

Shivam Kumar

Tragedy struck in Uttar Pradesh, India, as 21-year-old Shivam Kumar lost his life while attempting to create a viral Instagram reel. Kumar’s fatal mishap occurred when he hung upside down from a flag post on the roof of a school.

His intention was to raise a flag while in this position, but the stunt turned deadly when the pole he was hanging from suddenly collapsed, resulting in his demise.

According to reports by NDTV, on Thursday evening, Kumar arrived at a Junior High School in Khairada village in Janpad Banda, where his friends eagerly awaited him. Unaware that this would be Kumar’s final Instagram stunt, the trio climbed onto the school’s rooftop.

While his friends recorded a video, Kumar hung upside down from the flag post. Tragically, the pole collapsed, crushing him beneath it, and he died on the spot.

As of now, the police have stated that no formal complaint has been lodged by Kumar’s family regarding the incident.

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