Meera sustains arm injury while filming in Lahore

Pakistani actor Meera suffered an arm fracture while shooting in Lahore on Saturday. In a video, she appeared wearing an arm sling, revealing that the injury occurred during the shoot.

When asked about her condition, Meera mentioned feeling much better after experiencing significant pain initially. The video showcased a less glamorous appearance, contrasting with her usual glamorous persona.

Hailing from Lahore, Meera has been a prominent figure in the entertainment industry since her teenage years. Initially a model, she made her film debut in the 1990s with the successful movie “Inteha.”

Her career extended to Bollywood, featuring in films like “Zeher” and “1920 London.” In addition to her Bollywood ventures, Meera has also appeared in Pakistani films such as “Mushkil” and “Baaji.”

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