Foolproof plan prepared for security of Northern Bypass cattle market

Northern Bypass cattle market

Karachi, May 14, 2024: Karachi’s biggest temporary market of sacrificial animals for Eid-ul-Zhaha has been set up on the Northern Bypass, the arrival of traders from different areas of Sindh-Punjab has started. This year, special measures are being taken for the security of the market.

The cattle market administration and senior police officers have devised a special strategy to make the citizens aware of the cattle market and to make security foolproof within the market boundaries.

The system of street lights on the main roads leading to the cattle market, Northern Bypass, Gulshan Mimar and Gadap are being made effective to ensure safe night traffic. Police and Rangers checkpoints are also being constructed on these routes, while operations will also be conducted to suppress the criminal elements in the adjacent areas.

According to the market management, the facilities for traders and buyers coming to the market this year are being increased more than ever before. Special attention is being given to security for which the services of Rangers have also been hired along with the police. A network of CCTV cameras has been installed in the cattle market for round-the-clock surveillance.

Apart from the entrances and exits, security personnel have also been deployed inside the market to ensure a safe environment by patrolling round the clock. According to the administration, police checkpoints are being constructed around the market where police personnel will be deployed on the routes leading to the cattle market, apart from this, police patrolling will also be increased on the main routes leading to the Northern Bypass.

Police mobiles and motorcycle squads will be deployed on the routes leading to the market to provide security to the citizens going to the cattle market from the city. In this regard, a coordinated strategy has been arranged in collaboration with the higher police authorities so that the citizens going to the cattle market do not face any unpleasant situation.

Poles are being installed and lights are being installed to illuminate the various blocks of the cattle market. No private vehicle will be allowed to enter the cattle market except vehicles with special sticker. This year, extensive parking has been arranged in the market where electronic ticketing will be done and electronic receipts will be issued to citizens who park.

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