Fatima Group Implements Oracle Sales Cloud to Optimize Sales Operations

Fatima Group
Fatima Group, one of the largest fertilizer groups in Pakistan, has implemented Oracle Sales Cloud to optimize its sales operations

Karachi, February 14, 2019: Fatima Group, one of the largest fertilizer groups in Pakistan, has implemented Oracle Sales Cloud to optimize its sales operations. By delivering intelligent real-time reports on mobile devices, Oracle Sales Cloud will provide the Fatima Group sales team with actionable insights to help close more deals faster and improve customer experience.

The fertilizer industry in Pakistan is undergoing a transition phase, as farmers demand better services to improve the scale, scope and quality of the product. In order to adapt to the changing market dynamics, Fatima Group needed to automate previously manual sales processes to keep track of customer information, identify lost sales and review customer interactions. To address these challenges, enhance sales engagements, improve customer relationships and win more business, Fatima Group selected Oracle Sales Cloud.

“With new players in the market and production methods, fertilizer supply now outstrips demand.  In addition, our customers are increasingly sophisticated, meaning product quality and customer service are ever more important,” said Syed Ali Nasir, manager of Sales Planning at Fatima Group.  “This makes it even more essential that our sales team has all the information they need at their fingertips so they can match our products to customer needs and provide a better and more personalized service.”

With Oracle Sales Cloud, the Fatima Group sales team can quickly and easily access information on their sales pipeline, forecast and customer sales history. This has helped improve the sales team’s performance and enables them to focus on stronger sales leads. In addition, Oracle Sales Cloud provides Fatima Group’s sales team with real-time updates that improve sales operations from planning to execution by ensuring sales representatives always have the latest documentation for all customer and prospect interactions.

“To meet the changing market conditions and empower its sales team, Fatima Group needed to modernize and automate its sales processes,” said Syed Azam Abidi, head of Applications Business, Oracle Pakistan. “With Oracle Sales Cloud, the Fatima Group sales team can now collaborate anytime, anywhere and take advantage of real-time information to optimize sales operations and win more business.”

“Modern business challenges need modern solutions,” said Saddique Malik, head of Business Applications at Fatima Group. “We believe that Oracle Sales Cloud has been great to address our needs and increase the efficiency and performance of our sales team, which is the key to remain competitive.”

Oracle Integration Cloud Services pre-built adapters helped the company to integrate Oracle Sales Cloud virtually seamlessly with existing applications, making sales order data available in real time and helping the sales team.

Fatima Group’s in-house team implemented the Oracle Sales Cloud project which went live in October 2018.