“Zameen Expo Karachi” fails to attract government

Karachi, January 14, 2019: Zameen Expo Karachi 2019, held in Karachi expo center on 12-13 January, was failed to attract the government’s attention as not a single leading government dignity was available for inauguration of the ceremony.

As per to earlier announcement of the management, Samiuddin Siddique Director General Karachi Development Authority (KDA) will be chief guest of the Zameen Expo 2019 inaugural ceremony to be held on January 12, at Karachi Expo Center, however, DG KDA or any other government official could not reached the venue on Saturday for inauguration of the exhibition and the exhibition was started without inaugural ceremony.

According to Zameen Expo management, the expo was inaugurated by Aqeel Karim Dhedhi Chairman AKD Group.

Real Estate and construction sector is one of the most important sector of the economy and the federal government is also focusing this sector to generate more jobs, however despite that Zameen Expo was failed to attract the government’s attention.

Exhibitors said that in term of visitors, it was a very successful event as a large number of masses visited the exhibition in two days, but the hype of the Zameen Expo Karachi can be improved with proper invitation to an official or government’s dignity.

“It was very disgraceful for the exhibitors that not a single leading government dignity was not arrived or visited for the inauguration due to unknown reasons”.

Meanwhile, According to Exp management Pakistan’s biggest property portal successfully hosted Zameen Expo 2019 Karachi. The event received thousands of visitors over the two days it was held. The Expo took place in Halls 4, 5, and 6 of Expo Centre, and over 130 exhibitors from all over Pakistan presented their projects. This was the fourth edition of this event in Karachi and the 17thZameen Expo.

Speaking at the occasion, CEO Zeeshan Ali Khan said that this year also started off with a highly successful Zameen Expo.

He added that since its inception, has been striving to take Pakistan’s property market to new heights, and holds such events on a consistent basis. Furthermore, he stated that had held four Zameen Expos in Pakistan in the last year, along with the second edition of Pakistan Property Show in Dubai.

They claimed that hundreds of thousands of people participated in these events, showing the trust placed in These events are not only beneficial for real estate and related industries, but also allow people to get all the information and options they require for property buying and investment under one roof.

Khan added that Zameen Expos would also be held in Lahore, Islamabad, and Peshawar this year. He also announced that the third edition of Pakistan Property Show Dubai would be held in September 2019 and thanked everyone for their part in Zameen Expo 2019 Karachi.

On both days, thousands of visitors and families attended the Expo and showed their interest in Pakistan’s real estate. Many deals were also closed on the spot in a number of projects. At the event, visitors came from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and all over Pakistan.

Zameen Expo 2019  Lahore will be held in February, while Zameen Expo 2019  Islamabad will be held in March. Apart from these events, Zameen Expo will be held for the first time in Peshawar in April 2019.

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