The Recovery House resolute to combat mental illness in Pakistan

Karachi – February 26, 2019:

The Recovery house conducted a public awareness seminar on ‘Recovery from Mental Illness: Looking at the Roadblocks & Strengths’.

TRH- A project of Caravan of Life Pakistan Trust,  working with on focusing the effective steps needed to combat mental illness in Pakistan.

The key speaker of the seminar was Dr. Veronica Carey, Assistant Dean for Diversity and Student Affairs; Associate Clinical Professor at Drexel University – College of Nursing & Health Professions, USA.

The seminar was attended by over 75 attendees which comprised mostly caregivers, people living with the illness or those belonging from other profession. These attendees exchanged their experiences and highlighted the importance of such sessions on a higher frequency in Pakistan.

TRH brings experts in the field on frequent basis, for training and awareness sessions. TRH remains resolute to bring focus and attention of the people in Pakistan towards the essential precautions that are required to tackle with mental illnesses.

Dr. Veronica said, “The Mission of Psychiatric Rehabilitation is to help people with long-term psychiatric disabilities and increase their functioning so that they live satisfied in the environments of their choice.”

“This is my fourth visit to Pakistan and the people here possess very strong skills to overcome any difficulty that comes their way, be it recovery from mental illness. The core principles of psychiatric rehabilitation is to convey hope and show respect, thus making everyone part of the cultural norms and working on their strengths,” she concluded, stressing on the key message of the seminar being “Recovery starts with you!”.

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