Mystery solved: Hafeez appointed Advisor Finance

Islamabad, April 19, 2019: The Federal Government on Friday evening announced to appoint Abdul Hafeez Sheikh as an advisor to Prime Minister on Finance.

The seat was vacant after the resignation of Asad Umer, who was appointed in August 2018 the first finance minister of the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI).

Most of PTI leaders were not happy with the performance of Asad Umer that forces Prime Minister Imran Khan to reshuffle the cabinet. As part of this reshuffling, Asad Umer was asked to accept the Petroleum ministry, however, he declined the offer and decided to quit the cabinet.

Earlier he tweeted and later in a press conference he announced to quit the cabinet.

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After the press conference, on Thursday night cabinet division issued notification of reshuffled cabinet but the name of Asad Umar was not removed from the list.

Finally, on Friday, the government has announced the appointment of Abdul Hafeez Sheikh as an advisor to Prime Minister on Finance.

The appointment has been made after the acceptance of Asad Umar resignation by the President of Pakistan Arif Alvi on Friday.

The cabinet division has also issued notification for appointment of Abdul Hafeez Sheikh as an advisor.

He will also have charge of revenue division and economic affairs.

Abdul Hafeez Sheikh previously served as finance minister and privatisation minister during Musharaf and PPP tenure.

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