Special committee to be set up for extreme poor

Islamabad, July 04, 2019: Poverty Alleviation and Social Protection would establish a special committee which will be conducting weekly basis meetings to focus on orphans, widows, child labour and extreme poor of the society.

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Poverty Alleviation and Social Protection Sania Nishtar said,” The committee should take the initiative in chalking out the standards to run orphanages and children homes, keeping in view the national and international standards of care.

Adding that the plight of street children, government, privately-owned orphanages and the community to join hands and define procedures to protect the orphans and street children from being exploited socially and sexually by the concerned mafia.

She said to discourage child labour and enrol the street children in schools, their parents need to be socially mobilized and economically supported so that they pull out their children from street labour and send them to schools. The committee will be meeting regularly on a weekly basis.

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