Zong 4G and Huawei SuccessfullyTested China Mobile’s First FDD Dual-band Massive MIMO

Islamabad, July 04, 2019: Pakistan’s No.1 Data Network, Zong 4G, and Huawei have successfully conducted the trial of first FDD dual-band massive MIMO FOA for China Mobile. The introduction of the FDD dual-band massive MIMO technology, the dual-band (1.8G&2.1G)will enhance the network’s in-depth coverage & capacity capabilities for Zong 4G’s valuable customers. With this new feature, the network capacity will increase by 3-to-5folds, offering seamless connectivity to Pakistan’s largest 4G subscriber base.

Leading the digital innovation in Pakistan, this successful trial of FDD technology is another milestone for Zong 4G’s preparedness to meet the growing needs of digital age customers. The company’s unwavering pursuit to offer reliable, fastest and unmatched connectivity and solutions to its valued customers, is the testament towards its innovative technological advancements.

These trials are a testament to Zong’s commitment to the provision of the best-in-class and seamless 4G experience for its customers. As a result of these successful trials, Zong 4G will be able to further enhance its network capacity to serve the data needs of millions of its 4G customers across Pakistan.

The company’s current development cements its position that Zong 4G not only offers the widest 4G coverage at every nook and corner of the country but is also leading in the market to provide Pakistan’s No.1 Data connectivity.

“We are committed in our resolve of connecting each and every Pakistani through our state-of-the-art network. Our technical teams are working consistently in providing our customers with the best possible 4G experience and our partnership with Huawei is reflective of our promise of being Pakistan’s number 1 4G network.” said the company spokesperson.

“With the trial of First FDD Dual-band Massive MIMO in Pakistan, we offer technological excellence to enhance our valued customer’s experience.  Through our customer-focused approach and unrivalled connectivity, we offer nothing less than best!“He continued Through its innovative approach, Pakistan’s No.1 Data Network, continues to offer unparalleled services and solutions on Pakistan’s widest 4G network, Zong 4G.

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