Oracle takes Data-First approach to new customer experience innovations

Karachi, September 19, 2019: To help brands ensure that each and every customer interaction is data-driven, Oracle today announced a series of new data-first updates across Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud.

The latest updates include new digital assistants for sales, customer service and marketing professionals, new data enriched B2B sales capabilities, and new industry solutions for telecom and media, financial services, and public sector.

“At Oracle, we believe the only way brands can make every customer interaction matter is to take a data-first approach to managing the customer experience,” said Rob Tarkoff, executive vice president, Oracle CX Cloud and Oracle Data Cloud.

“The latest updates to Oracle CX Cloud are fueled by data and machine learning to help our customers take advantage of powerful data insights to get ahead of customer needs and ensure a positive, unforgettable customer experience.”

Oracle CX is an integrated set of applications across marketing, sales, service and commerce. The latest updates to Oracle CX include enhancements to Oracle CX Unity, Oracle’s enterprise-class customer data management platform, as well as:

New Digital Assistants: The Oracle Digital Assistant is now available across the entire Oracle CX Cloud, enabling sales, customer service, and marketing professionals to use voice commands to quickly and efficiently drive outcomes and actions.

Digital Assistants for sales teams: Sales teams can leverage the Oracle Digital Assistant to create configured quotes using voice commands.

Digital Assistants for customer service teams: Service teams can leverage the Oracle Digital Assistant to get answers to questions stored in the knowledge repository. In addition, service teams leveraging Oracle Intelligent Advisor to model and deploy interactive advice can use the Oracle Digital Assistant’s conversational UI to deliver rich data-connected self-service on chat channels. 

Digital Assistants for marketing teams: Marketing teams can use the Oracle Digital Assistant to get help and support when using Oracle Responsys to create promotional campaigns. In addition, brands can increase customer engagement by enabling customers that receive promotions via Oracle Responsys to speak with the Oracle Digital Assistant to redeem or gather additional information on a promotion.

New Data Enriched B2B Sales Capabilities: A new integration with Oracle DataFox delivers AI-sourced company data and signals that bridge the gap between marketing and sales teams. The integration also helps marketing teams optimize targeting and sales teams enhance engagements to bolster customer relationships and win more business.

B2B Campaign Orchestration: By helping ensure leads are connected to accounts, the new Oracle DataFox integration increases alignment between marketing and sales teams when executing account-based strategies.

Account Enrichment: By enriching account records and providing a deeper understanding of customers, the powerful insights from Oracle DataFox enable sales teams to better profile and classify a customer base or leverage data for campaign segmentation and accurate territory definitions.

Account Prioritization: By helping sales teams rank accounts and focus on high-value prospects and key targets, the integration with Oracle DataFox helps sales teams improve go-to-market efficiency and achieve a faster path to revenue.

Smart Talking Points: Real-time alerts on market changes of target accounts delivered by Oracle DataFox help sales teams help increase conversion rates of emails and phone calls with more personalized and contextual talking points. 

New Industry Solution Capabilities: New AI-powered industry-specific solutions help customers in the telecom and media, financial services and public sector industries deliver innovative customer experiences and achieve predictable and tangible business results.

 Telecom and Media: New Enterprise Product Catalog gives customers increased flexibility and reduced time to market by enabling new products and offers to be rapidly defined and published across sales, procurement, fulfillment and billing catalogs.

Financial Services: New AI recommendations help banking associates increase new offer uptake and customer satisfaction, while one unified UX design environment across marketing, sales and service applications increases productivity by simplifying complex processes

Public Sector: New chatbot capabilities help cities personalize the citizen experience and simplify incident reporting by citizens, field visits by case workers, payouts and more.

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