Illegal sale of Iranian petrol soars in Karachi

Illegal sale of Iranian petrol, soars in Karachi,

Karachi, August 22, 2023: The illegal sale of Iranian petrol is openly conducted on various highways across Karachi.

The individuals have set up petrol-selling operations in the city, often selling Iranian petrol in plastic bottles as containers.

This illegal trade not only poses significant risks to public safety but also undermines legal businesses and government efforts to regulate the petroleum sector.

Local law enforcement agencies have taken note of this issue and are preparing to crack down on those involved.

Policemen instead of curbing the illegal trade of petrol, are buying petrol from the individuals engaged in the unauthorized sale of fuel.

Past incidents have highlighted the dangers associated with the unrestricted sale of petrol in such unregulated environments.

Several fires have erupted in Karachi due to mishandling and unsafe storage of fuel, putting lives and property at risk.

The surge in the illegal sale of Iranian petrol underscores the need for stricter enforcement of regulations and a comprehensive approach to address this challenge.

Authorities are expected to increase vigilance along key routes to curb the illicit trade and protect the safety of the city’s residents.

The illegal trade in Iranian petrol not only jeopardizes public safety but also undermines the integrity of the city’s petroleum market. As authorities take action to confront this pressing issue, the hope is to restore order and safety to Karachi’s streets and highways.

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