Nine patients with the Congo virus moved from Quetta to Karachi: YDA

Congo virus

Quetta, November 06, 2023 : According to report on Monday, a representative for the young doctors said that a civil hospital pharmacist who contracted the Congo virus fever has been transferred to Karachi.

Nine Congo virus patients have been moved to Karachi for treatment, according to Dr. Arif, a spokesman for the Young Doctors Association (YDA).

The health and livestock departments of the province have been instructed to take prompt action to stop the disease by Caretaker Chief Minister Mir Ali Mardan Domki.

The prime minister gave the order to notify the public as soon as possible about the virus. He also gave the go-ahead for antiviral spraying on cattle farms.

He was upset about the government’s lack of seriousness in handling the situation.

The government of Balochistan issued a red alert on Sunday due to the concerning Congo virus fever situation in the province, which has resulted in 16 fatalities.

A person infected with this novel strain of Congo virus fever may not survive, according to Domki.

“The patient should be given emergency medical guidance in case of symptoms of Congo virus,” the chief medical officer of Balochistan stated.

Yesterday in Quetta, a doctor who was diagnosed with the Congo virus passed away.

The patient died while being transported to Karachi for medical care, according to a spokesman for the young doctors.

The virus, which can cause severe fever, muscle pain, vomiting, and internal bleeding, is mainly spread to humans by ticks on cattle and other livestock. There is presently no vaccine or targeted treatment for the virus, and its fatality rate is high.

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