HBL exits from Departmental Cricket

Karachi, April 4, 2019: The Habib Bank Limited (HBL)-main sponsor of Pakistan Supper League (PSL) has announced to wind up its cricket team and all players have been fired from jobs.

According to an announcement, HBL has solidified its commitment to HBLPSL and finally decided to exit from Departmental Cricket. 

With HBL’s decision, some 10 players will layoff. Fakhat Zaman, Imamaul Haq, Fahim Ashraf, Abid Ali, Umer Akmal, Umer Gull, Abdur Rehman, Imran Farhat, and Muhammad Waqas will be fired due to the closure of departmental cricket by HBL.

HBL was title sponsorship of the PSL, over the last four years, reflects the passion for the development of youth and the discovery of cricketing talent. HBLPSL has given an opportunity to countless young cricketers to display their talent at a national and international level.

However, despite that, the HBL has decided to exit from department cricket and all leading players have been retired.

According to HBL, with HBLPSL, international cricket has returned to Pakistan. HBL also delighted to see cricket facilities being uplifted in Pakistan and fans once again packing the stadiums to enjoy cricket.

To continue to invest in HBLPSL, and in the larger interest of Cricket in Pakistan, HBL will redeploy its valuable resources from other avenues. This reinvestment will be partially achieved by exiting departmental cricket, it added.

“HBL has had a long history in departmental cricket and recognizes its valuable contributions to Pakistan cricket. Consequent to our enhanced focus on HBLPSL, the HBL cricket team will be demobilized”, HBL announced.

HBL, however said, it will remain indebted to the players of the HBL cricket team who over the years have served the cause of cricket in Pakistan so admirably. HBL will look after the interests of its cricket team members in line with its policies.


HBL foresees a great future for Cricket in Pakistan where HBLPSL will remain a catalyst for bringing international cricket to Pakistan and enabling more matches to be played in the country. Moreover, HBLPSL will continue to discover, groom and nurture young talent for the benefit of Pakistan Cricket, it added.


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