China provides lightning detectors to Pakistan

Pakistan gets lightning detectors

Pakistan receives meteorological detectors from China as a gift, offering early warning capabilities against lightning to safeguard lives and property in Tharparkar.

The Director General of the Meteorological Department, Mehr Sahibzad Khan, reports that China has generously gifted Pakistan 25 weather detectors valued at US$1 million. This equipment, provided at no cost, has the capability to predict lightning events in advance.

Mehr Sahibzad Khan mentions the widespread installation of weather detectors across the country. Additionally, a radar with a range of 14,000 km is being acquired from China, enhancing Pakistan’s capacity to timely identify natural disasters resulting from climate change.

Over the past few years, numerous casualties have occurred in the Tharparkar district, particularly in 2019, when a lightning strike incident claimed the lives of several dozen people and hundreds of cattle.

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