Parents commit suicide after murdering three daughters over loan repayment

couple commit suicide

Faisalabad, December 01, 2023 : In a startling event, a couple in Faisalabad committed suicide after murdering their daughters, reportedly due to loan repayment issues.

In Dajkot, Faisalabad, Tahir and his wife Naheed tragically committed suicide after killing their three children, as reported by the police.

The couple, unable to repay a loan of approximately Rs300,000 borrowed from multiple individuals, resorted to this extreme step.

The police reported that a letter discovered on Tahir’s body indicated his suicide was a result of his inability to repay the loan.

Rescue teams have transported the bodies to the hospital for legal procedures.

In December of last year, a man in Muzaffargarh murdered his wife and three young daughters, claiming to preserve his honor.

Details reveal that the suspect, Afzal, gruesomely killed his wife, Azra, and three daughters—Taskeen (4 years old), Misbah (3 years old), and an infant of 10 days—within the jurisdiction of the ‘Satpur’ police station before fleeing the scene.

Following a tip-off, the police conducted a raid, apprehending the suspect at a house in the area. Police sources indicate that the suspect harbored suspicions about his wife’s character.

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